I was using a using a iron but a dog came and so I looked at him and he was talking to the iron I thought I was hallucinating so I went to bed. I woke up and now I know I wasn’t I thought I was a witch no my dog was. That was […]

Week 29

I was in concrete with a pink pig it was scary mom. I’m outside your home plz help me ok said my mom but she was so mad at me. So i said i will go to the hospital and i did when i got out i toled my family well my mom did and […]

Week 27

What i think it looks like a big leaf and small people and a snail it is cool see that in my mind. It is about 2;30 i think they are having a conversation In work I think that it is like 300ft in the air ok and I don’t know what it would be […]

Week 28

The building shook and then crash but spider man came to save us. I thought it was a dream but it was not a dream. And he grabbed me and i though i was in he in but no so he told me that i need to help him with his job and I said […]

Week 25

But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard mom I’m sorry for doing it. We were just playing soccer whith Zane. It was funny tho so can you forgive me mom. ‘Mom’ no you need to apologize to Zane right now. ‘Me’ fine i will apologize to him Zane I’m sorry for hitting the […]

Week 18

Their is a key in the grass it is old church key it is hard to fine. And I fond it surprising right i know. I have not tolled my parents yet cuz I’m scared. It is hard to because i fond it in a grassy fled they will think I stole it. I know […]

Week 17

The sun is yellow the waterfall is blue i was breathing heavy when i called a taxi i was existed. When i did the ride was fun i was in my taxi I got my dad as my taxi driver but. I don’t care so I went home and I was Wright in my book. […]

Week 16

It is not like last year Zane thot. He is in 7th grade and he is in having a mental brake down because he just lost a friend. So he is going crazy because it is 2022! And i think he is not my brother Zane was thinking about blowing up the world. But i […]

Week 15

What my one wish is that every body can be nice in the world.  Their are so many kids that have Been kidnapped. And so many people kill others. So that is what this is all about and with every body being nice we have fond very kid that has Been kidnapped. And their is […]

Week #14

A business can help climate change by making it more natural business like food or tools. I know we already have them but they make a lot for pollution. So i will step up to the plate and make a food and tool store. And it s outside you get your stuff outside and you […]