Week 16

It is not like last year Zane thot. He is in 7th grade and he is in having a mental brake down because he just lost a friend. So he is going crazy because it is 2022! And i think he is not my brother Zane was thinking about blowing up the world. But i […]

Week 15

What my one wish is that every body can be nice in the world.  Their are so many kids that have Been kidnapped. And so many people kill others. So that is what this is all about and with every body being nice we have fond very kid that has Been kidnapped. And their is […]

Week #14

A business can help climate change by making it more natural business like food or tools. I know we already have them but they make a lot for pollution. So i will step up to the plate and make a food and tool store. And it s outside you get your stuff outside and you […]

Week 13

What can happen if a lot of ice will melt. What will happen when ice melts because the ice will fold all of the world i am talking about all of the ice in the world so the only way to survive is to clime mout Everest so do you want to be alive or […]

Week 10

It is scary to have Pollution is vary weird to live in the world. It is vary dangerous and it can be ok but it is ok because oh no it is hear run what is hear the the the monster WHAT monster the Pollution monster! Why wold you throw the trash in the lake […]

Week 9

One day I was running urgently you know why because I was afraid of the monster that was chasing me behind and it was really scary it was a really really big cat and it had 700 eyes and it was really scary you know why because it was scratching me and it took my […]

Week 8

What did I tell you about the lights it’s climate change not Me What do you mean About climate change climate change is real how are you crazy wind fire Earth real like you could have a windy day and then Fire and the earth is set on fire and then you have a really […]

Week 7

Climate change is real say if I was woke up in the morning and it was really really cold day and then it really hot and windy but you didn’t pack for it change of climate could be scary sometimes it could be really hot out somebody could’ve left their glasses forgot their glasses outside […]


Hi my name is Olivia and it is time to have a climate change the scientist is overwhelmed because it is winter but the ground is green and it is hot and There is a new species called hot dog 2.0 and he is growing to rule the word only if we can fix I’m […]

Week 5

Why is the girl so small in the picker that’s go Zoom into the picture Zoom into the picture and we can see if we can fifer it out we “ Producer“ Who can find the reason behind this gets 3 million dollars.you get to pick your teem but you can’t go back or you […]