Week 17

The sun is yellow the waterfall is blue i was breathing heavy when i called a taxi i was existed. When i did the ride was fun i was in my taxi I got my dad as my taxi driver but. I don’t care so I went home and I was Wright in my book. I want to be a lot of things when I grow up like be a soccer player, I want to be basketball player and a lot more I just can’t say it because you would get bored. That is the end of my story bye.

One thought on “Week 17

  1. Hello! I like the beginning of your story. The description of the sun and the waterfall made me think what a lovely scene you were setting. Then you were able to add a bit of a twist by saying, “…I was breathing heavy…” This added some mystery and made me want to read on. I found it a bit difficult to make a connection between the beginning of your story and the end BUT it was interesting to know what the character wanted to be in the future. Well done.

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