Week 5

Why is the girl so small in the picker that’s go Zoom into the picture Zoom into the picture and we can see if we can fifer it out we “ Producer“ Who can find the reason behind this gets 3 million dollars.you get to pick your teem but you can’t go back or you can’t have more than 3 or less people. I pick Reagan, Brody, and Nadia ok lets do this I will go find the place it is at and Nadia will go their Brody will be sure nobody come to fallow Nadia the Address is ######## ok time Togo chapter2

One thought on “Week 5

  1. Hello Olivia,
    Great start to your story. I was curious whether you and your friends did ever manage to figure out why the girl is so small in the picture, after you discovered the address? That would be a fabulous Chapter 2!
    Well done,
    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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